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100 acre wood

Park: Fairfax Community Park and Recreation Path
Location: Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont, United States 05454
Open: 6:00am–9:00pm or Official Sunset
Season: April 1st - November 1st
Contact: Recreation Department (849-6111 ext 20 / )
Mail: Fairfax Parks & Recreation Department; P.O. Box 27; Fairfax, VT 05454

The Fairfax Community Park is available for public use. All park users are asked to be respectful of the facilities and to others who use the park.

The Community Park & Recreation Path offer community ball fields and a paved 1/2 mile long recreational path that connects the natural surroundings with key community features, including stores, ball fields, and schools.

compass Directions to Community Park & Recreation Path

  • From I-89, take Exit #18 (Georgia Ctr./Fairfax)
  • Turn Right on Ethan Allen Hwy. (US-7) - go 0.20.3 mi
  • Turn Left on Highbridge Rd. (VT-104A) - go 4.57.3 mi
  • Bear Right on Main St. (VT-104) - go 1.42.3 mi
  • Turn Right on Hunt St. - go 0.40.6 mi
  • Parking on the Left

Field Use and Park Rules

  • Pets welcomed if owner maintains control at all times and cleans up after the animal.
  • Park only in designated parking areas.
  • Fires are prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made with the Fairfax Parks & Recreation Department in addition to the issuance of a burning permit from the town.

The Following are Prohibited:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Use of other controlled substances
  • Littering
  • Smoking
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Foul, offensive, or abusive language
  • Blocking or tampering with emergency access gates

Reserving Fields

In order to adequately maintain the fields and avoid conflicts, or double booking, groups wanting to plan either a regular or one time special event need to complete a Facilities Use Form, available from the Town Office or through the Park and Recreation Director.

Groups not scheduled and approved for field use, risk the chance that they will have to leave if another activity had been scheduled and approved.

Groups are expected to monitor and direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic associated with their activity, and will be held responsible for any field damage caused by misuse.

Park Rental

The Fairfax Community Park & Recreation Path are opened to the public. A $50 refundable deposit will be held until after your event(s) (Non school/town). If no damage is observed your deposit will be returned to you. A $20 usage fee will be assessed for private use events. Park Facilities Use Forms are available at the Town Office.

Pavilion and Restroom Update

The pavilion and restroom construction is slated to begin in late April 2014, with a completion date goal of late 2014. We are are always seeking donations of materials and labor to offset our costs. If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please call The Recreation Department at 849-6111 ext 20.

Architects rendering of Pavilion

Park: 100 Acre Wood
Location: Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont, United States 05454
Open: 6:00am–9:00pm or Official Sunset
Season: open all year
Contact: Recreation Department (849-6111 ext 20 / )
Mail: Fairfax Parks & Recreation Department; P.O. Box 27; Fairfax, VT 05454


In the 1970’s, a section of land was left to the town of Fairfax and the Roman Catholic diocese of Burlington. The portion of land left to the town of Fairfax was deemed the 100 acre wood and is located in north Fairfax. Over time different groups have used the land such as boy scouts, sugaring and other outdoor activities. Over time, with little overseeing the land was misused by all terrain vehicles and had extensive uncontrolled growth. Beginning in 2008, the town working along with franklin county forester Nancy Patch began logging the land. This was to reestablish the forest and also create barriers to prevent more destruction by motorized vehicles. Around the same time as the logging began in the 100 acre wood, the Fairfax Parks and Recreation Board and Director became aware of the existence of the 100 acre wood and its potential as a recreation venue for the town of Fairfax. In 2011, the recreation department began to explore the development of trails in the 100 acre wood and walked the trails with the Vermont youth conservation corps. The recreation department also began a relationship with the Northwest riding club, a club of over 500 members with adjacent land to the 100 acre wood. In Early 2012, The Parks and Recreation board secured $27,000 from the money raised from the logging to be used as grant matching funds and to be used to improve the land for future recreation use by the citizen of Fairfax and surrounding communities. In the late summer of 2012, the Recreation Department brought together interested parties to start on trial design and work. We have brought together people from a variety of organization all willing to work together to establish trails in the 100 acre wood. In summer of 2013, the “blue central trail” was completed with the Watershed project at Project SOAR and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps. In the summer of 2014, the east end of the yellow trail will be completed with a $20,000 recreation trails grant from the Department of Forests Parks and Recreation and in conjunction with local youth organizations and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps. Due to an archelogical evaluation that is underreview. The work that was due to be completed in 2014 was postponed until 2015. We hope To have both 2014 and 2015 loops completed in the summer of 2015.We did receive an additional $20,000 Grant for the completion of the second half of the yellow loop in 2015. .

Current trail Map

2014 Projects Trail Map

2015 Projects Trail Map

General Locator Map